About Xopia®

The base Smartphones of Xable ® (Transformable) Smartphone are produced in cooperation with leading global smartphone companies. Xable ® (Transformable) Smartphone is intergrated with its unique patents, brands, and new technologies to create a new and variety of specialized Smartphone.

Feature of Xable ® (Transformable) Smartphone:

▪ Replaceable window glass supplied with base smartphone
▪ Anyone can easily replace window glass when it breaks
▪ Various designs and customizable designs of your own
▪ Reduce repair cost for consumers
▪ Increased convenience for customer and decrease of customer service on suppliers
▪ E-waste Reduction

Xable ® (Transformable) Technology will also be applied to foldable and rollable smartphones.

Xable ® (Transformable) Technology will continue to provide and trasform your smartphone’s application and system into a consumer-friendly mode.

Xable ® (Transformable) Smartphone will create new big data in connection with 5G, IoT and various contents, and AI based on this will create more advanced Xable ® Smartphone